Windows Phone vs Android

Everyone knows about Windows. Microsoft’s operating system called Windows changed the way we use computers and is now the biggest OS developer for PC’s. But when it comes to Smartphones, Windows is far away from a leading position. Windows Phone 7 market share is only 5% 2012, but with the new release of Windows Phone 8, the massive advantage that Android and iOS got will start to decrease. Android’s market share is 60% and it will take years before Windows can compete for real. But Apple and Google will have to work very hard to keep Windows away from taking more market shares.

Windows Phone is predicted to pass Apple’s iOS and become the second biggest Smartphone OS in 2016. Android will still have more than 50% of the market in 2016, but no one knows for sure what’s going to happen in the Smartphone world. No one of the big Smartphone OS developers will quit develop new functions and solutions, so we are looking forward to a very exciting future in the development of new Smartphone platforms.

Windows Phone 8 – What’s The News?

Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8 is coming very soon, and the expectations are very big. The new OS supports multi-core processors and HD displays. But what to expect from the Windows Phone 8 is hard to say, can it compete with Android and iPhone? Microsoft can absolutely compete with other Smartphone platform developers but how long it will take before they can catch up with Android and iPhone is impossible to know.

Nokia has lost a large percentage of their market share since the introduction of Smartphones, but now they are trying to recover from the loss and Windows Phone 8 will become their new OS. Samsung, HTC, ZTE and Huawei might also use Windows Phone 8 in their coming Smartphone models.

The Windows app marketplace is much smaller than both Android and iPhone, but I am sure that the marketplace will have an explosion in growth, when the new Windows Phone 8 and coming upgrades is available. According to some rumors, the new Windows Phone 8 will have Sms, Videos, Apps and Photo backup. The xbox music service is built in and the screen will become easy to customize. I guess Windows users will feel at home with the new Windows mobile OS and that is why I think that Windows will take a bigger market share pretty fast.

What To Expect From Android And iPhone?

iOS Android

We can expect a lot of upgrades and new functions from Android and iPhone. No one will stop developing their OS and give their competitors an easy way to grab their market shares. Android will still be the biggest mobile OS for years to come, and iPhone’s iOS will still be in second place but eventually Windows will put down the iPhone from their position and become the second biggest mobile OS. How long it will take depends on how fast Windows can expand and cut deals with Smartphone developers.

Right now, I will go for Android or iPhone but Windows Phone 8 is tempting, and I will for sure give it a try when it’s been available on the market for some time. Microsoft has been in the game for a long time, and both Google and Apple will have to deal with a harder competition in the future.


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